The White Dot designed into every Sheaffer pen is an enduring symbol of our Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, and an assurance of Sheaffer's quality, prestige and performance. Because our customers' satisfaction is our top priority, all Sheaffer Writing Instruments are backed by our White Dot Lifetime Mechanical Warranty. All Sheaffer branded leather accessories and journals are backed by a Two-Year Warranty.

Sheaffer Writing Instruments Lifetime Mechanical Warranty:  

All Sheaffer writing instruments are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure, regardless of age. Mechanical failure is defined as a defective product or a product unable to function as a result of construction or workmanship when used in accordance with the Care & Use Instructions enclosed with the product or viewable at Sheaffer shall have the right to determine if the component is defective and, at its option, replace it with a similar or equivalent item. For a replacement, the defective product must be returned to the nearest authorized service center of Sheaffer at the customer’s expense (shipping and insurance fees). The customer is also liable if there is an additional handling fee for processing. Customers are advised to obtain insurance against loss or damage when shipping products to Sheaffer. Without proof of shipment, Sheaffer cannot replace components it does not receive. Please visit to complete the online Warranty Form PRIOR to sending us the product. At Sheaffer’s discretion, products with issues unrelated to mechanical failure may be serviced on a chargeable basis.
Exclusions from warranty include: Normal wear and tear, stains, discolorations or scratches. Damage caused by any accident, fire, theft, flood, or other causes beyond our control. Damage caused by ink leaks to textiles, apparel or other personal property due to improper use. Damage caused by misuse, abuse and/or negligence. Damage resulting from repairs or manipulations carried out by unauthorized or non-qualified repair/service personnel. Inks, cartridges, refills exhausted in the course of normal use, damaged fountain pen nibs, emblems and other customized decorations. Damage caused by the use of refills or ink cartridges other than those produced by Sheaffer. Sheaffer retains the right to modify the terms of our warranties. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from country to country, state to state or jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Warning: Pen caps can obstruct breathing. Keep out of your mouth. This product is not intended for children.
Two-Year Leather Warranty: All Sheaffer branded leather accessories and journals are unquestionably guaranteed against mechanical failure and defects in workmanship for two years from the date of purchase. Any Sheaffer accessory deemed by Sheaffer to be mechanically defective under this warranty will be replaced when sent to an authorized distributor/Service center of Sheaffer by the customer. Any product which is within the warranty period but no longer in production will be replaced with a comparable Sheaffer product. Postage and insurance are the responsibility of the customer, and a processing fee applies.
Customers are advised to obtain insurance against loss or damage when shipping the products. Without proof of shipment, Sheaffer cannot replace products it does not receive. 

Exclusions from warranty include: Parts damaged from impact, unreasonable use or obvious abuse. Discoloration due to aging or other deterioration of the leather wrapping. Materials which become worn in the course of normal use. Logos, personalization, and other decorations. Products beyond the warranty period may be serviced at Sheaffer’s discretion on a chargeable basis.

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