Sheaffer Pen Museum | Fort Madison, Iowa, USA

Fort Madison, does this place ring a bell? This is where the Sheaffer Pen Company came to life. To celebrate the success of writing instruments and the company, Sheaffer built a museum in 2011.

The museum was built to showcase the achievements of the company and take pen enthusiasts through the continuous innovation in writing instruments. The museum showcases more than 25 display cases with Sheaffer writing tools and items from the past.

At the museum make sure to see the pretend factory floor where they made the iconic Sheaffer pens. There is a section that showcases all the different parts that go into making a pen. You can talk to the staff about Sheaffer's history and how it has changed over the years. You can write with some of the old Sheaffer pens to experience the difference and buy a range of Sheaffer pens on your way out.

Here is a mini virtual tour of the museum and what awaits you on your visit.

The museum proudly displays Walter Sheaffer’s Purple Heart medal which was awarded to him in 1944, recognizing his bravery and sacrifice while serving in the army. He sustained injuries during enemy action in the August 1944 conflict.

Introducing the team behind Sheaffer - a dedicated group of artisans and craftsmen committed to excellence in writing instrument manufacturing.

Witness the precision engineering behind Sheaffer's custom manufacturing process. Specialized machines, like the Nib Welder, are utilized to make intricate parts of the nib.

Delve into the craftsmanship behind Sheaffer fountain pens with a glimpse of their nib-punch presses from the early days. These intricate machines meticulously shape nibs from a variety of metal alloys, including gold, silver, and steel.

For over a century, Sheaffer has remained the premier choice for writing instruments, offering timeless elegance and functionality that makes them perfect for gifting occasions.

Sheaffer pens have secured their spot on numerous office desks, embodying professionalism and prestige. Sheaffer desk sets were designed to bolster brand recall and exude sophistication.

Do visit the Sheaffer Museum at Fort Madison, Iowa and delve into the history of how pens were made back in the day and what made it a brand pen enthusiasts love across the globe. 

 Sheaffer Pen Museum: 627 Ave G #2, Fort Madison, IA 52627, USA