The Sheaffer Pen Company, a timeless symbol of innovation and quality craftsmanship in the world of writing instruments, was established in 1913 in Fort Madison, Iowa, U.S.A. 

Our founder, Walter A. Sheaffer built this company on the bedrock of an innovative idea, the lever-filling fountain pen. Brought to life in the backroom of his jewelry store, the unique design marked a departure from the conventional fountain pens of the time, and laid the foundation for Sheaffer's unyielding commitment to quality, design, and creativity. 

Each Sheaffer pen tells a story of artistry and precision, reflecting an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Over the years, we have developed and perfected our own proprietary methods of creating pens. We are the pioneers of the lever-filling fountain pen, the inlaid nib and many more significant advancements, underscoring our perpetual drive for innovation.  

 Sheaffer pens have been more than just a witness to history; they have written it. From the signing of UN charters, to monumental peace treaties and Presidential policies, our pens have been trusted by world leaders and pioneers.

In 1924, Sheaffer pens introduced the iconic White Dot, which quickly became a symbol of their quality. Positioned on the cap's upper portion, it serves as a hallmark of Sheaffer's craftsmanship. Initially featured on the Senior celluloid pens, its placement later shifted just above the clip. Early advertisements from 1924 featured the White Dot ringed in color, symbolizing lifetime warranty.

Today, although the White Dot no longer signifies a lifetime warranty, it remains a powerful emblem of enduring excellence, whether adorning a display or clipped in a pocket, captivating discerning buyers.

 A significant chapter in Sheaffer's rich history was written in 2022, when the company was acquired by William Penn, a company based in Bangalore, India, and a respected name in the world of luxury writing instruments. This acquisition marked a new phase of growth and potential for Sheaffer, as the combined strengths of both companies aim to forge a new path, offering patrons an expanded portfolio of premium, cutting-edge products that carry forward the Sheaffer legacy.


At Sheaffer, we are more than just a pen company - we are a community. We believe in the power of human connections and invite you to join us on our journey. Stay updated on our latest products, events, and behind-the-scenes stories by following us on our social media handles. Your involvement and support keep the spirit of Sheaffer alive, so let's continue to write this story together.
Fort Madison is where it all began. Walter A Sheaffer manufactured the first lever-filling fountain pen from the backroom of his jewelry store and since then there has been no looking back. A Sheaffer museum has been built in Fort Madison to celebrate Sheaffer. The visit to the museum will take you back in time and take you through the process of manufacturing writing instruments in that era, the leaders that used Sheaffer pens to sign off historic decisions, images of the Sheaffer plant and to top it you can pick up some of these old pens and experience writing with them and on your way out you can buy a Sheaffer pen from the place where it all began. Till you get to the Museum here is a mini virtual tour of the Sheaffer Museum.